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No matter how many Rubels and Chickens you offer, I am not going to give up cccp.blogspot
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..:: Flowers for Algernon ::..
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..::I think Shea's a Werewolf::..

No real update, here's a cool but worthless link.

Geometric Art
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..::Happiness is a Warm Gun::..

Ok, so things are going really well right now. There's a lot to look forward to. First, next semester should be hard but fun; Survey of Art History - Art in America - Gender, Utopia, and Human Nature - and Intro to Film. Wed and Fri's off would certainly kick ass, and I really hope I get those classes.

Secondly, Halloween is nearly upon us! I feckin love halloween, best holiday by far. I've got a few parties this weekend, and I can't wait. I've got my costume all planned out(and likely purchased by the time this is being read). This 'ween: Back Alley Abortion Clinic Doctor. Current Offended count: 2. I'm hoping that number rises drastically.

Today's link is for the bibliophiles: Free Books!
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..::I haven't had nearly enough to drink yet::..

Long day. Up at 7:30, class 9-2, work 4-midnight, then the hardware bar until 1:30. I'm actually really glad I went to the bar. It was pretty active, and overall not my scene, but it was a lot of fun. Work was absolute shit, so it was nice to lose it in some heavy bass beats. I didn't drink though. I don't have an aversion to alcohol(as some of my past posts show), but I don't drink much in a bar. I just don't like the feeling of being less than totally in control when I'm out in public. I'm pretty sure if we went out again and had some designated drivers i would imbibe. That was the other main reason I didn't drink, I had to drive back. I can handle my alcohol but a dui on your record and that shit'll stick to ya for a while, not something I want at all.

So my comp has sputtered and spat, and I'm about to take it out back and put it out of it's misery with a double barreled reformat. Let's just hope this doesn't go like last time and need reformating six times(spring 2001, even had a report due that next day I believe). So MS might be down for a while. I still have my father's computers, and the computers at the tower, but few if any links will accompany posts.

Except this one. "Pedantry consists in the use of words unsuitable to the time, place, and company"

Until next time remember:

Long hours studying
away from bed
an A is easier
if you make with the head.
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